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Original fiction: Muscle Memory, Chapter Eleven [Jul. 28th, 2010|04:46 pm]
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Chapter Eleven of Muscle Memory (free chapters available here) is up at SL Publishing.

When Rishi brought one hand up to stroke Shory's hair, Shory almost did the same. The impulse, the knowledge that Rishi was a victim in this as well, wouldn't go away completely, for all that Rishi had given in so quickly, and so Shory let his hands go to Rishi's shoulders in turn. It was somewhere to put his hands; it was also a posture that would let him push away if he chose. Even though he wouldn't choose.

Rishi broke the kiss at last, set his face into the join between Shory's neck and shoulder, with a ragged exhale. It sent Shory's arms automatically about him; his eyes met Arix's again involuntarily. He saw the dawning of impatience there. Well, good. That meant it would be over the sooner.

"Can I..." Rishi began. "Would you..."

"Just tell me," Shory said, keeping his voice as neutral as he could.

Rishi had pulled his head back, eyes lowered, breathing as if about to confess a murder. "I want to watch your face. When I...when we..."

Of course he did.

All stories on SL Publishing feature the first four chapters of each story free for reading, with further chapters available if subscriptions are purchased.

Go here to read Muscle Memory, Chapter Eleven!