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Infinitus/Universal Studios TripTips and Observations, more[Jul. 17th, 2010|11:33 am]

Tips/observations for Universal Studios, day whatever: Islands of Adventure pt 3, Universal Studios pt 1:

-The Universal Studios park has more attractions that are my speed than Islands of Adventure does. I'm not into nausea-inducing plummeting rides or spinning rides, or rides that soak you, or roller coasters that look like they're designed by some mad scientist with a duelling scar and an eyepatch who will strap you in to the car and threaten to throw the switch unless you tell him where you've cached the plutonium. The Hulk Coaster, for example, has shells or something constructed over the frame so that the coaster actually howls as it travels; you can hear the howling (and the riders' screams) from the hotel. I made a point of standing on the bridge under which the Hulk Coaster passes, holding the railing quite firmly, and when the car zoomed beneath me, howling and rattling the bridge and sending hot misty air in my face, I think I wet myself a little. Standing on that bridge while the car goes under is probably my favorite thing in that park; I stood there for cycle after cycle. There's my thrill ride. And I'm stationary. Works for me.

Anyway, there's why I found more to do in Universal Studios. Shrek 4-D, Twister, Disaster, Jaws, Men In Black, Terminator 3-D...I think we'll get to the E.T. and Simpsons rides this afternoon.

-Frozen butterbeer is definitely the way to go. Butterbeer Slurpee.

-Did I not mention Cauldron Cakes? Like Ace of Cakes bit into a Hostess Cupcake and said, "Oh, we can do much better than this," and then did. Mmmmmmm.
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