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Ficlets for Kurohedonism (Kuroshitsuji), Prompts 1 & 2 [Sep. 19th, 2010|08:56 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[mood | content]
[music |hellsing rifftrax]

So I've pretty much been enslaved to Kuroshitsuji II for the past three months, and during that time I wrote some ficlets for the contest group kurohedonism. I'll crosspost the ones on which the posting restrictions have ended, for those who might be interested in a little smut even if the fandom isn't familiar. Smut's always good, right? (Even when new canon josses you.) I'll put together the shorter ones so that I don't make too many posts to comb through. Some got awards, too!

kurohedonism Prompt #1,"Kiss"

Title: Like a Hair From Milk
Words/Rating: 392, PG
Characters: Sebastian, Ciel, some historical and fictional figures
Spoilers: The end of anime season 1
Summary: Sebastian has had many illustrious masters.
Extras: The title is a Talmud reference and can be explained here. Thanks to [info]fabularasa for beta duty.

Cats are sacred in Egypt... )

kurohedonism Prompt #2, "Trembling"

Title: Barefaced On the Bier
Words/Rating: 500, PG
Characters: Claude/Alois
Spoilers: Through Series 2, episode 1
Summary: Claude is the stopgap, but not the cure.
Extras: Death, madness, hurt/comfort. The title is spoken by Ophelia in Hamlet. Beta thanks to [info]fabularasa.

'Make it stop, Claude.' )
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Kuroshitsuji series 2, episode 12 (and everydamnthing) discussion. [Sep. 19th, 2010|08:36 am]
[mood | ssh, spoilers]
[music |kalafina, over and over and over]

(Reposted here instead of on kuroshitsuji lj comm.)

Have you been able to think about anything else since watching? I know I haven't. Heck, I haven't even eaten since yesterday.

Discussion of episode 12, and the whole second series. Spoilers for everything. )
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They're like children. (Children who use the word "flesh" a weird number of times, but.) [Sep. 13th, 2010|08:41 pm]
[mood | frustrated]
[music |loveless OST]

Me: *is given smutty fic inspiration*
Me: *starts writing*
Me: *gets 1500 words in*
Me: *barely starts to write smutty portion*
Fic: *decides does not want 1500 words of serious set-up, but wants to begin in media res and be foolish cracksmut*
Me: O_O

...yeah, the fic is probably right. I hate it when that happens.
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Drabbles for Nightmare Before Christmas (Jack/Sally, G) [Sep. 10th, 2010|06:37 am]
[Tags|, ]
[mood | hungry]
[music |Faerie Tale Theatre, "The Princess and the Pea"]

Back in January, [info]jenna_thorn requested a drabble of the wedding of Jack Skellington and Sally, and the email's never left my inbox. Today, as I found myself craving apple cider and planning my next pumpkin carving, it seemed the proper time to whip this up.

October Wedding

Of all Halloweentown's denizens, Sally is cleverest with needle and thread. That's why Jack asked her to make his Christmas suit, after all. But this order is a surprise for her, so, he has to ask elsewhere. White, he tells the puzzled volunteers. It must be all white.

"White as bone!" wails the Bloody Spectre, hacking the unstained tatters from his own hem to make the gathered skirt.

"White as shrouds!" cackles the Wart-Nosed Hag, spinning spidersilk into a cobwebby long train.

"White as fog!" whispers the Unseen Wind, blowing a mist into shape until it coalesces to an air-thin veil.

"I'm afraid they still don't understand," Jack apologizes as he presents the result of their efforts to Sally. "It's still all chills and terrors to them. If you don't like it, you don't have--I mean, would you still consider--"

Sally only smiles and kisses Jack again. "It's the loveliest dress I've ever seen. Besides, I hear Ghostly Brides are quite the fashion for hauntings."

Jack catches her about the waist in delight. "Does that mean yes?"

The wedding takes place on the next Halloween, because on Halloween Jack always does everything exactly right. Sally's ring comes with its very own curse, and she wouldn't have it any other way.

And a two-paragraph sequel!

September Birthday

"Simplest cesarean delivery ever," Sally reassures Jack, bending to bite off the thread of the last knot. "How does she look?"

"All fifty-six phalanges! She's perfect," says the proud father, nuzzling the top of their newborn's skull.
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Mick Jagger as the Emperor of Cathay! Y'gotta love it. [Sep. 2nd, 2010|08:53 pm]
[mood | loved]
[music |and Vanessa Redgrave as the Wicked Queen!]

Omigod, Netflix has Faerie Tale Theatre available on streaming! I love my life!
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Mick Jagger as the Emperor of Cathay! Y'gotta love it. [Sep. 2nd, 2010|08:53 pm]
[mood | loved]
[music |and Vanessa Redgrave as the Wicked Queen!]

Omigod, Netflix has Faerie Tale Theatre available on streaming! I love my life!
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127 Hours trailer. (Avoiding spoilers, even though it's a true story.) [Aug. 31st, 2010|07:38 am]
[mood | uncomfortable]
[music |when did James Franco start to look like Sam Rockwell?]

I just watched the trailer for 127 Hours. Oh, christ, no way do I want to see it now. If the design of the trailer does mimic the chronologic structure of the film, then, nope, can't do it.

I would need that film to begin with the moment it all goes down. If, instead, we're going to get the true-life variant of Twenty Minutes With Jerks so that we can up the excruciating tension until the You Are In Such Trouble moment--no, I can't go there. I'll wait for the DVD and fast-forward.
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The newscasters made it sound like the apocalypse. [Aug. 22nd, 2010|02:55 pm]
[mood | whatevs]
[music |rainbow ep 17]

This weekend there was a thunderstorm so intense it made me put on underpants.
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Kuroshitsuji text icons; season II episode 8 [Aug. 21st, 2010|09:39 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[mood | hyper]
[music |Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni wa]

I couldn't do macros for the last episode. I made text icons instead. They're from Kuroshitsuji II, episode 8. They mock. Most of them come from the same lurid image...

Yes, that one.

No previews outside the cut; I thought it might be a bit too early even for minor spoilers.

(Follow the fake cut to nine text icons)
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FICLET: In Pari Delicto (Kuroshitsuji; Ciel/Alois, Sebastian, Claude. NC-17, ~1400 words) [Aug. 9th, 2010|09:46 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[mood | happy]
[music |kuroshitsuji french dub ep 20]

Because everyone who's seen the last Kuroshitsuji episode is having wonderfully filthy thoughts. (Don't believe me? Check out all the hot animation over in this post. YES, that's all from the same episode.)

In Pari Delicto
Fandom: Kuroshitsuji
Summary: All sides of the contract reach their end. (The Dirty Version.)
Characters: Ciel/Alois, Sebastian, Claude
Rating: NC-17
Words: ~1400
All characters are fictional and thus have no age. Spoilers up to series 2, episode 6.

'Harder, you twisted little bastard!' )
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Original fiction: Muscle Memory, Chapter Eleven [Jul. 28th, 2010|04:46 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[mood | optimistic]
[music |i haz blackberry cobbler inna fridge.]

Chapter Eleven of Muscle Memory (free chapters available here) is up at SL Publishing.

Teaser below the cut )

All stories on SL Publishing feature the first four chapters of each story free for reading, with further chapters available if subscriptions are purchased.

Go here to read Muscle Memory, Chapter Eleven!
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Infinitus/Universal Studios TripTips and Observations, more [Jul. 17th, 2010|11:33 am]
[Tags|, ]
[mood | tired]
[music |Dean Evenson, "Healing Waters"]

Tips/observations for Universal Studios, day whatever: Islands of Adventure pt 3, Universal Studios pt 1:

-The Universal Studios park has more attractions that are my speed than Islands of Adventure does. I'm not into nausea-inducing plummeting rides or spinning rides, or rides that soak you, or roller coasters that look like they're designed by some mad scientist with a duelling scar and an eyepatch who will strap you in to the car and threaten to throw the switch unless you tell him where you've cached the plutonium. The Hulk Coaster, for example, has shells or something constructed over the frame so that the coaster actually howls as it travels; you can hear the howling (and the riders' screams) from the hotel. I made a point of standing on the bridge under which the Hulk Coaster passes, holding the railing quite firmly, and when the car zoomed beneath me, howling and rattling the bridge and sending hot misty air in my face, I think I wet myself a little. Standing on that bridge while the car goes under is probably my favorite thing in that park; I stood there for cycle after cycle. There's my thrill ride. And I'm stationary. Works for me.

Anyway, there's why I found more to do in Universal Studios. Shrek 4-D, Twister, Disaster, Jaws, Men In Black, Terminator 3-D...I think we'll get to the E.T. and Simpsons rides this afternoon.

-Frozen butterbeer is definitely the way to go. Butterbeer Slurpee.

-Did I not mention Cauldron Cakes? Like Ace of Cakes bit into a Hostess Cupcake and said, "Oh, we can do much better than this," and then did. Mmmmmmm.
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-Multi-rider tube rides are awesome, because you can have entire conversations shrieking at your pa [Jul. 14th, 2010|09:26 am]
[Tags|, ]
[mood | accomplished]
[music |kuroshitsuji II ep 2 sometime soon]

Tips/observations for Universal Studios, day 3: Wet 'n' Wild (not technically part of Universal's Park but so close that they offer discounted passes; good of them):

-Multi-rider tube rides are awesome, because you can have entire conversations shrieking at your partner, a la: "YOU DRAGGED ME ON THIS I HATE YOUUUUUUUU" "I DID NOT I HATE YOU TOOOOOOOOO" "WHEEEEEEEEEEE OH WAIT NO TELL ME WHEN IT'S OVER OH DEAR GOD"

-The wave pool is more fun when you abandon the ring float and just bodysurf. Ditto the lazy river, IMHO.

-When ending the speed slide Der Stuka, de-wedgie yourself before you stand up.
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Infinitus/Universal Studios TripTips and Observations, next bit [Jul. 13th, 2010|07:47 am]
[Tags|, ]
[mood | rushed]
[music |rainbow ep 14]

Tips/observations for Universal Studios, day 2: Islands of Adventure, pt 2

-Butterbeer is DELICIOUS. I had it unfrozen, [info]fabularasa had it frozen, and we both pronounced it fantastic. (Actually, she says the frozen one wipes the floor with any other food substance ever created.) I adored the creamy sweet topping and can't imagine it without. I would suggest drinking Butterbeer when you're in the mood for a milkshake and Pumpkin Juice when you want something more fruity and refreshing.

-Going to the Three Broomsticks at dinner time in the hopes of avoiding lines was a wise choice; there was no wait at all. The food was fine; [info]fabularasa recommends the fish and chips and I thought the shepherd's pie was decent, but the real draw is the atmosphere. What a remarkable recreation. You feel like you're on a film set; I expected to look at the next table and see Lupin in his ratty cardigan.

-The Cat in the Hat ride has turned Thing 1 and Thing 2 from deep-throated, sexy basso profundos to castrati. For shame.
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Infinitus/Universal Studios TripTips and Observations, with no real spoilers [Jul. 12th, 2010|07:17 am]
[Tags|, ]
[mood | awake]
[music |hulk coaster howling]

Tips/observations for Universal Studios, day 1: Islands of Adventure, pt 1

-Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is one of those rides that makes me say, "AGAIN!" as soon as it's done. This may or may not be a good idea; the second time through the motion sickness hit me and I had to nix my plans of both Butterbeer and Duelling Dragons immediately after, and [info]fabularasa, who had had plenty of the ride after trip one, got to have the last laugh.

-Again, for HP and the FJ: if you are like me and wear loose, comfortable slides on your feet, either 1) take them off when they seat you and tuck them between your back and the seat, or 2) ask the attendants for some rubber bands so you can lasso your shoes on. (No, I'm serious, they have them and it works.) Taking your shoes off and leaving them in a locker at the start is, I'm told, a no-go because you aren't allowed to walk through the whole pre-show line barefoot. But I spent the first go-through holding my dangling feet at an acute angle so my shoes wouldn't slide off and be lost somewhere in the ride's depths.

-Pumpkin Juice is DELICIOUS. Omigod, a mouthful hits you with gentle cinnamon/ginger/allspice mix awash on a pumpkin mouthfeel, and then ends on an apple finish. I so wish I could take home a sixpack of this.

-You will thank me if you skip Flight of the Hippogriff. Seriously, it's too intense for little ones, like the beginning of a good rollercoaster ride, but it's like TWELVE SECONDS LONG. Who is this for?

-Leaving HP-land: you can get a surprisingly delicious chicken caesar salad at Circus McGurkus; they mix it up right when you order it and they cut up an actual hot fried boneless chicken breast and top your salad with it. Nice change from those prepackaged jobs you find too often.

-[info]fabularasa and I have decided that so far our favorite ride in the park (we haven't done many yet) is the High in the Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride. Seriously, I could just stay on that thing all day, looking at the view from above.

-Adults cannot go on the Pteranodon Flyers (another aerial view ride) at all unless they are accompanying a small child. So either bring a small child with you or create a nanny service on the spot, or don't bother.

More later!
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Because someone has to be on the other side. [Jul. 7th, 2010|07:55 pm]
[mood | sleepy]
[music |happy salamander noises]

I love the heat.

I love how hot it is right now. I love walking out the door and being enveloped by this sudden embrace of heat, feeling the sweat start to bead above my lip and lapping at the salt of it. I love the humidity that makes the air feel hotter, that makes me feel like I'm moving through water, like I could drink the air.

I love going home and refusing to turn on sniffle-inducing air conditioning. I love stripping down to undies, not in need of socks, cotton robes, down throws, or any of the layers that get me through the sluggish, horrible dry winter. I snicker as my damp skin slips and slides against any vinyl surface I touch.

I love dragging cold leftovers out of the fridge for dinner, leaving them for ten minutes on the countertop until they come to satisfying eating temperature, no microwave needed, a pitcher of cold water and a glass of cold sweet tea to accompany dinner.

I love running outside to the pool, stepping down into the water that's been baking in the day's heat until it's nearly bathwater, no need to get used to a chill water shock, and moving weightless through the warmth of it, swimming like I'm dancing through air.

I love sleeping under a single cotton sheet at night, still wet from the pool, chlorine smell in my hair, a fan blowing over the bed, my thoughts a happy, astonished litany of I'm not cold, I'm not cold, I'm not cold, at last I'm no longer cold.

Go ahead, throw things at me. I don't care, I'm too happy right now.
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Kuroshitsuji II season opener, broader post [Jul. 5th, 2010|08:53 am]
[mood | mischievous]
[music |ATLA season 1]

Having finally seen the first Kuroshitsuji II episode:
Spoilers )
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Someone referred to it as "Kurorolled." [Jul. 2nd, 2010|06:32 am]
[mood | not telling]
[music |Rainbow ep 13]

The debut of Kuroshitsuji II, spoilers: )
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Original fiction: Muscle Memory, Chapter Ten [Jun. 27th, 2010|07:41 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[mood | chipper]
[music |Ouran High School in English]

Chapter Ten of Muscle Memory (free chapters available here) is up at SL Publishing.

Teaser below the cut )

All stories on SL Publishing feature the first four chapters of each story free for reading, with further chapters available if subscriptions are purchased.

Go here to read Muscle Memory, Chapter Ten!
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Doctor Who season ender. [Jun. 26th, 2010|08:50 pm]
[mood | no spoilers on my mood!]
[music |again resisting spoiler urges]

Thoughts on the Doctor Who season finale, "The Big Bang."

Spoilers won't let me use the icon I want outside the cut )
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